[CRYPTO SCAM ALERT] Taisha Coin Review | Protect Yourself From Getting Scammed

Let Us Delve Deeper Into The Details Of “Taisha Coin” Founded By Hashim Kallolikal Basheer

Official Website www.taisha.in

Don’t fall for the website’s fancy tales, forecasts, and bogus listing promises!!

Taisha (TAIS) is a Binance Smart Chain based Token established only to defraud people.

Founded by a gang of Indian Scammers headquartered in Mumbai.

The Underlying Purpose Behind Taisha Coin Remains Clear: To Defraud Investors Of Their Hard-Earned Money.

“Taisha Coin” Is Not Legit But Is A Huge Scam!! See For Yourself.

Red Rag 1

Just look at how deftly the launch of Taisha Coin was taken from factual information concerning Binance Smart Chain, & BSC being cleverly substituted with TAISHA.

Red Rag 2

Taisha boldly claims that it is the continuance of SynergyTechLive, an infamous company that no longer exists since it defrauded a huge number of participants by exploiting its outstanding marketing and persuasion abilities to get them to invest in fake shares.

Synergytechlive, with the GSTIN 27AZMPB7487R1ZB, is not just a stock market scam operation, but it has also defrauded the Indian government (both state and central) of the GST received from its clients.

The address is 321, Third Floor, Ijmima Complex, Malad West, Mindspace, Mumbai – 400064, which is the same as Taisha Coin’s.

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The Notorious Gang Of Thugs Behind This Coin

Taisha Coin was founded by a group of Indian Stock Market fraudsters namely Hashim Kallolikal Basheer, Rahul Balu Jadhav and Nitesh Vinod Dhakare & newbies Nasir Haque and Dhiraj Bitra.

They’ve even taken down their website, www.synergytechlive.in, as a result of the YouTube notoriety.

Red Rag 4

A few YouTube channels have already begun disseminating information among the general public to protect people from being cheated by Team of Taisha Coin.

Video 1 – a video posted by a channel called “Taisha Coin Scam”

Video 2 – a video posted by Crypto Education Channel – “Kerala Crypto Hub”

Video 3 – a video posted by Crypto Blogger – “CryptoInfomaniac”

Red Rag 5

Hailing from a nation that has produced geniuses such as the Matic Coin team. Taisha Coin is a scar on the face of the Indian-origin Crypto-space, which is attempting to abuse the lack of a regulating agency and watchdog for cryptocurrencies in India.

Criminal Minds Behind The Scam Taisha Coin

Hashim Kalollikal Basheer, the brains of Taisha Coin, is a seasoned con master from Mumbai’s Mirabhayandar area. Many cases of deceit, criminal breach of trust, and deception have occurred in the name of fake stocks claiming that they will be inflated and dumped to profit investors. Those are, however, all lies used to persuade the prospect to hand him the money (ideally in cash) so that no transaction trace is left.

Rahul Balu Jadhav is a co-founder of Taisha Coin and Synergytechlive, as well as an equal recipient of all the stolen funds along with Hashim and Nitesh Vinod Dhakare.

Final Words

Taisha Coin is a massive rip-off of the now-defunct Bitconnect fraud. It tells you everything you need to know about it. To avoid taking a loss, stay far away from it.

If you’re interested in legitimate crypto investment, start with a demo and pick intelligently among legitimate cryptocurrencies with reliable founders.

You must ensure that you understand the consequences before investing real money.


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